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Punishing Psychiatrists for the Crimes of their Patients

It would appear that the French courts are taking a very hard-line when it comes to the dodgy therapeutic outcomes of the psychological services. Perhaps here in America we should also begin to ponder a better approach to the accountability factor for the psychiatric Brahmins of the mental health profession, especially considering that some of their scary ‘clients’ are out and about murdering children. Continue reading

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Gun Control or Psychotropic Pill Control?

Why does America always bounce from one extreme to another? Right through the 1970s, we institutionalized almost everybody and their mother. It only took the word of a relative to get some poor schmo locked away in the local booby hatch indefinitely. Today, we have slid to the other end of the mental health spectrum, leaving frightened family members and John and Jane Q Public at the non-existent mercy of the mad mental machinations of a demented son or daughter. Continue reading

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