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America The Movie: Challenging Ameriphobia

They despise the country upon which they feed. They loath the principles upon which their nation was founded. They disparage and condemn their home and hearth for daring to adapt so damn successfully, discounting the momentous accomplishments of the Great American Experiment while loudly shrieking out its faults and failings. They hold but one race of people, and the advanced cultural infrastructure it has created, to an outrageous standard of perpetual perfection while denying the contextual authenticity of its evolutionary struggles. And of course, in their smug self-flagellating frenzy, they naively excuse the brutal acquisitiveness and crippling cultural inadequacies of every other race and tribe on the planet under the gullible guise that these decelerated losers in life’s never-ending modernity marathon must be in some way the innocent and child-like victims of Euro-American meanness. Continue reading

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Dan Brown’s Inferno: Population Control Runs Amok

What could be more exciting than a run-for-your-life romp through the tourist-packed byways and buildings of one of Italy’s most artistically beautiful cities? And what could be more deflating than to discover that the supposed good guys in this modern-day Medieval/Renaissance thriller are all a bunch of illiberal paternalistic White Progressives hell-bent on saving the planet from its people?

If you fantasize about financially well-off White men with Ivy League credentials who gad about the globe on gossamer wings of ethereal righteousness saving civilization from the selfish preoccupations of the moronic masses, then you’ll probably feel a few choice tingles run up your hairy legs on reading Dan Brown’s progressive version of the coming Apocalypse. Continue reading

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Meet Pat Condell, Islam’s Enemy

Pat Condell, comedian, political commentator, and avowed atheist gives us the clearest and most concise summary of the Islamic modus operandi and speaks truth to the corrupt progressive powers that would sell-out Western values in the name of multicultural accommodation. Continue reading

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British Support Muslim Polygamy With Welfare Payments

In our modern heyday of Third World victims and the veneration of their barbarically medieval mores by silly White progressives, not only has a very bleary British blind eye been turned to the multiple couplings of Muslim men, but the UK welfare system is actually supporting Muslim male polygamy with nice fat taxpayer-provided payments. Continue reading

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Why Progressives Hate the Holidays

Let’s get a jump on the jolly holly holidays by indulging in a little progressive-poking humor. Here’s a conservative count-down I spied out over at SodaHead, a little political parody that gets us going in the Right direction, all ready for the upcoming anti-Christian, anti-American fun-filled festivities. Here’s my edited version of SodaHead’s tomfoolery. Continue reading

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Obama: The Best Thing That Could Have Happened for Conservatives

Victor Davis Hanson, historian and excellent observer of the American political scene, expressed a viewpoint yesterday in the National Review Online that many of us in the conservative movement have held for some time. Continue reading

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Progressives in Peril: It’s the Elitism, Stupid!

With the debt ceiling battles behind us for now, the Democrats are acting out a sorry sense of rage and frustration in their usual brat attack fashion. Unfortunately for them, the nasty name-calling campaign is only giving their leadership credibility once again a very big black eye. Yet we must have some sympathy for the Democrat devil, for after all, this poor fallen fellow is totally dumbfounded by the titanic turn of political events. The progressive Word might have been made flesh back in that wonder year of 2008 but I don’t think that 2012 will be serving up a Second Coming. Continue reading

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Juan Williams: Defund NPR

Although nothing much in the way of federal defunding will be happening to NPR any time soon, despite the good intentions of the House Republicans, it’s still so nice to know that all things considered, the public broadcasting aristocracy is getting its proverbial clock cleaned. Continue reading

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Academic Bigotry: Israel and the Social Justice Farce

When it comes to hating Israel, the academic Left can spew out the anti-semitic vitriol better than most Ku Klux Klan-ers. After all, their academic Jew-baiting is couched in progressive palaver, that noisome New Speak that allows educated elitists to demonize entire human populations with impunity. Continue reading

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Uni-Tea YouTube Videos

And as promised, here are the additional video clips of the Uni-Tea Celebration in Philadelphia on July 31st. Below are the YouTube links that highlight some of the speeches made by Conservatives of Color. Continue reading

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GOProud, Anti-Gay Islam, and Tom Campbell

GOProud, the only gay/lesbian organization that seems to understand the threat to gays and lesbians posed by radical Islam, is coming out swinging in the California Republican senatorial race. Continue reading

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Global Warming: Some Sanity on the Left?

Some thinkers on the Left may be getting a little concerned about the anti-democratic fanaticism that runs through the global warming cadres. Continue reading

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