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MSNBC Tanks in Zimmerman Ratings

MSNBC, the cable network that bills itself as THE place for politics, is discovering that the heavy-handed progressive pull of its so-called news coverage just ain’t selling like it use to. The Lefty true believers, including liberals and hardcore pro-regressives alike, apparently are finding it quite difficult these days to treat this fringe freak show of a network with any form of respect. Yes indeed, the feel-good faithful have been publicly proclaiming its been-there-done-that boredom with MSNBC by simply not showing up for the ratings roll call. Continue reading

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Palestinians and Arabs: The Left’s Middle East Muppets

All you good little gay boys who just love to prance around with your progressive hetero pals, make sure when visiting that vacation paradise of pre-historic Palestine, to wear your sexy nancy-assed chaps on arrival. Cause these pathetic self-oppressed pricks can play one hell of a mean anti-queer S/M scene. Continue reading

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The Bad Obama Ads Ain’t Working

Do we deserve better? Oh, yes we do! Continue reading

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A Progressive Thanksgiving: Power to the Turkeys!

It just wouldn’t be a typical American holiday in this progressive day and age without the guilt-tripping, gut-wrenching liberal deconstruction of our traditional Thanksgiving celebration. Or should we be calling it a decelebration? And there is no better exposé of our inherently hateful white Western European nature than a little inside-out historical revision to portray the truly authentic experience of our poor oppressed bird-brained brothers and sisters that have run afoul of us horribly hungry humans. Continue reading

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Baby Boomers: The Lost Boys (and Girls) of Progressive Paradise

The Progressive Peter Pan delusions that have dominated the narcissistic Never Grow Up culture created by the ever-bumptious Baby Boom generation, have laid a very heavy head-trip indeed on the luckless progeny of the Mad About Me generation. Continue reading

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The Unbearable Whiteness of Martha’s Vineyard

For over two years now, we’ve heard all the blather from Left-wing media about the supposed whiteness of Tea Party America and how such a one-tone tint to any group of people should automatically sound off the racist rant. But of course, that declaration from the Democrat Handbook of Progressive Decrees, like every other fraudulent proclamation set forth by these charlatans of shell-game morality, conveniently comes with many fickle footnotes. Continue reading

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The Liberal Mindset: Mining the Depths of Progressive Thought

I saw one of these animated political spoofs spotlighting the convoluted liberal mind over at HillBuzz and it was a hoot.

Here are two mini lessons on the liberal thought process that probe two progressive sacred cows: feminism and affirmative action. A funny face-off between the voice of reason and the drone of ideology. Continue reading

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Gay-Free Zones in London Spark Gay Denial

If gay men and lesbian women are expecting their own organizations to come to their defense when acts of violence threatening their existence loom large, well, they better reassess that trusting surmise and start looking elsewhere for protection. And fast. Continue reading

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Anti-Israel Group Booted from NYC Gay Community Center

The LGBT Community Center of NYC, under pressure from some of their financial supporters, has agreed to close its doors to the Israeli Apartheid Weekend (IAW) organization. The community center had been offering its facilities to this group for meetings and get togethers. The group had planned a Smash Israeli Apartheid party at the LGBT Center for March 4th. Continue reading

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Pelosi: The Progressive Poster Girl

Give a great big Thank You! to the dumbos of the Democrat party for picking Nancy Pelosi to serve as House Minority Leader. Continue reading

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The Mugging of Juan Williams: A Progressive Morality Play

The public mugging of Juan Williams and the subsequent despicable comments made about him by his former employer, Vivian Schiller, the CEO of NPR, offers a teachable moment for all of those middle-of-the road moderates and their liberal-leaning sidekicks. Continue reading

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Violence Against Gays in Amsterdam

There is a disturbing trend of violence against gay men and lesbians in the Netherlands, a trend that continues to be ignored by the Left-leaning bureaucrats who naively adhere to their multicultural mantras. Continue reading

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Ground Zero Mosque: Those Useful Idiots Strike Again

The controversy over the Ground Zero mosque couldn’t have happened at a better time. The fact that this obscene mega gesture of contempt for the American people, our way of life, and for the true martyrs who were butchered on September 11, 2001, is finding support from liberal lunatics is one of the best bits of political good luck for the conservative cause this summer. Continue reading

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Serial Killer is a Palestinian Arab

It’s bad enough when the Lamestream media hides crucial facts from the American people, such as the racial/ethnic identity of a serial killer. But when police departments deliberately fail to mention the ethnicity or skin complexion of a knife-wielding killer wanted for the murders of African Americans, you got to know our culture is contaminated with a deadly dose of progressive poison. Continue reading

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Hate Speech Codes: The Death of Academia

Adjunct Associate Professor, Dr. Kenneth Howell, has been temporarily reinstated after being terminated by the University of Illinois under their Hate Speech code. Continue reading

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Black Leaders Condemn NAACP

ust days after the NAACP’s from-on-high condemnation of the Tea Party, this black civil rights organization has been found harboring some hardcore bigotry in their own hollow halls of fame. Continue reading

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Polanski: Pedophile Goes Free

Roman Polanski, child rapist, will Not be extradited to the United States to face justice. Apparently, expecting a wealthy creative progressive type to be held to the same standards of decency, not to mention statutes of law, as all us lowly no-account peasants is an outrageous insult to the divine right of aristocratic Left-wing privilege. Continue reading

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The Kowtow Rodeo: Gays and the Arizona Boycott

You might ask just what gay and lesbian rights have to do with the political battle over illegal immigration in the state of Arizona and that would indeed be a very intelligent and perceptive question on your part. Continue reading

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Masochistic Masturbation: The Self-Hatred Schtick

As the European penchant for self-flagellation and smug self-hatred runs amok within the blighted birthplace of Western civilization, across the pond here in the good old USA, the cultish copycat EUphoria frenzy is in full swing. Continue reading

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America Tilts Right

An interesting poll conducted by the Investor’s Business Daily in early April finds that most Americans are leaning in the opposite political direction from their progressively bent president. Continue reading

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Women’s History Month: The Role Model Racket

If it’s March, then it must be Women’s History Month, that once a year sop to the preselected sorority of properly vetted vamps and vixens who successfully jettisoned the patriarchal drag of gender stereotyping. A slivered and slanted celebration, indeed! Continue reading

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Oppressed Third World Victim Assaulted On Plane

Our Paragon of Victimhood was attacked by several passengers when he tried to express his people’s pain and suffering at the hands of the Capitalistic Christian Corrupters (CCC). The audacious attack on our Brave Broken Brother is most clearly a heinous and horrific Hate Crime. Continue reading

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LGBT Community: Who Speaks For Us?

Are the feelings and opinions of lesbians and gays only valid when voiced by social service activists and political organizers? Who really speaks for the LGBT Community? Continue reading

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