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Why We Lost the Election: It’s the Culture, Stupid!

Yep, the media is stacked against us. Yep, the universities indoctrinate students with Left-wing nonsense. Yep, too many people are looking for a handout. Yep, we get it. Well, at least some of us get it. But the query that continues to go unasked, let alone actually answered is: Where do we go from here?

What is the bloody game plan? If the media is the enemy, how will we strike off the hoary heads of this corrupt hydra and cripple its ability to control the entertainment industry, the publishing world, the news outlets? If the battle isn’t in the voting booth but rather in the minds of the voting population than how do we dismantle the educational propaganda machine that holds sway over the mental and emotional attitudes of our children and young adults?
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November 7, 2012: Never Give Up!

We must never give up. We must never stop fighting. America’s future depends on it. Continue reading

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Forget the Women’s Vote—It’s the Men that Count

If you have grown so very weary of the on-and-on blather that hypes the so-called significance of the super special women’s vote, then you can take to heart the latest statistical download from the survey folks at Gallup. It would appear that our pushed-aside and denigrated brothers are claiming a bigger impact on this presidential election than the female-focused pundits would like to admit. Continue reading

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Obama Dead Ends on Sesame Street

The Obama campaign stupidly thinks that Sesame Street can single-handedly (or should I say single-wingedly) knock the stuffing out of the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. The campaign’s latest attack ad features the faces of evil people-eating capitalists (Jon Corzine not among them) along side Mitt’s attractive mug in an attempt to link Romney to the great greed machine that will oh so wickedly cut the public paycheck of that PBS yellow-bellied multimillionaire known as Big Bird. Continue reading

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