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To Succeed in Politics, Write a Good Story

Whether in a book or in a political campaign, it is the character-driven story that strikes the strongest chord with the reader or with the voter. And every good story has its heroes and its villains. In this past political go-round, the super stars, as framed by the Left, were the victims of a cold, male-dominated conspiracy to crush the downtrodden. Continue reading

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Presidential Dirty Politics and Trash Ads

The Bullwinkle for President campaign is crying foul over this latest smear ad from the bad boys over at the Boris Badenov camp. Where the heck is Rocky when you need him?! Continue reading

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Chris Christie is a NO?

I’m not sure where the Talking Heads are getting their insider information, but I would be awfully surprised if Governor Christie decided to enter the Republican presidential race at this stage of the game, especially after his repeated public denials of any interest in doing so. But the Governor’s firmly stated non-presidential intentions haven’t muzzled those mavens of manufactured drama within the news commentary community. Far from it. For whatever reason, the chatter crowd, including our conservative colleagues on the Right, are all agog at the possibility of a larger-than-life Christie for President campaign. Continue reading

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