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Romney’s Bad Month? Not Hardly

This is a graph summarizing Gallup’s polls throughout the month of September. Keep in mind that Gallup has been polling registered voters, not likely voters. And how interesting that the Democrat media has been tirelessly playing its Barack Obama echo-chamber music, screeching out the same tired old ditty entitled A Bad Month for Romney. Continue reading

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Scott Brown Leading Pocahontas in Polls

Two polls show Scott Brown leading Harvard’s academic darling, Elizabeth Warren, by 5% and 6%. This is very good news for Republicans after they have had to endure a week of Todd Akin angst. So it would appear that the Democrats’ answer to how ambitious white Left-wing biatches can game the affirmative action wheel of fortune is stumbling along under the cover of the Martha Coakley curse. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Recall—Here We Go!

Well, boys and girls, today is the day.  The Recall vote in Wisconsin has begun and the first battle of the 2012 campaign is upon us.  At this late hour, the Left-wing media is still playing the polls for all … Continue reading

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Pro-Choicers at an All-Time Low

Gallup released their latest poll today on the hot topic of abortion and the results of their survey don’t bode well for the devotees of the Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer approach to filicide in America. Only 41% of those polled described themselves as Pro-Choice which is a record low for the Gallup Survey. 50% of the respondents labelled themselves as Pro-Life. Continue reading

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Women and Independents Pulling Away from Obama

The Obama divide-and-conquer diversion is causing a dive in his popularity among women and independent voters. Continue reading

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Majority of Americans Support Gay Marriage? Don’t You Believe It!

Gee, could it be that all those gay positive polls we’ve been seeing are not really representative of the American mindset? Well, let’s take a gander at the CBS/New York Times poll which also pushed the gay marriage hot button. Hoping I’m sure to show how gung-ho on gay marriage the populace had become after Obama’s flaming queen routine over the weekend, these media minions didn’t quite get the high-five sign from their liberally tilted respondents. Continue reading

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PA Senate Race: Toomey Extends Lead

At the end of July, Rasmussen’s poll showed Pat Toomey, Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s senate seat, leading Joe Sestak, his Democrat opponent, by 45% to 39%. Today, Public Policy Polling (PPP) shows Toomey’s lead over Sestak has extended with the percentages standing at 45% to 36%. Continue reading

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Polls Again Proclaim: Tea Party Values Mainstream

The people who struggle to work a job, work a career, pay their bills after taxes, and raise a family, care for friends, and contribute to their various communities are getting sick and tired of being smeared, guilt-tripped, demonized, and marginalized. Continue reading

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It Ain’t About Ideology

If you spend a lot of time consuming network news and pigging out at all the media entertainment eateries that technology has be offer, you would be totally convinced that America was a very liberal nation. Think again. Continue reading

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Palin’s Popularity Is Up

It looks like our Sarah is doing just fine. A new CNN sponsored poll shows that Palin’s favorable rating among Americans is now up to 46%. A nice steady rise since her low point of 39% back in the summer. Continue reading

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Polls: America Going Conservative?

Rasmussen polls show that America is going Conservative. Or has America always been conservative? Continue reading

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