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I, Liberal: Vanity of Vanities, All is Vanity

I’m sure that there could never be
A man as virtuous as me.
I’ve honed my precious self-esteem
In ways no common man could dream!
To feed my moral vanity,
I preen for all the world to see;
I thrust in everybody’s face
The noble causes I embrace.
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Janine Turner to Conservative Women: Speak Up, Girlfriends

For way too long, conservative women have been giving their liberal counterparts the silent treatment. How often have we kept our mouths tightly shut in social settings when a political topic is raised for discussion? How often have we allowed the Lefty viewpoints of our self-righteous liberal friends and associates go unchallenged? Too damn often. Continue reading

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The Self-Saboteurs of the Conservative Movement

The aggravating antics of the anti-activists within the Tea Party movement are nicely outlined in an article by Walter Hudson over at PJ Media. If, like me, you have found yourself frustrated and fed-up by the outright political stupidity of the my guy or no guy approach of so many of our conservative brethren, then Mr. Hudson’s concise outline of this moronic mindset will provide a vigorous head-nodding Amen! Continue reading

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