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Trayvon Martin was a Gay Basher?

After the Piers Morgan CNN interview of Rachel Jeantel last night, I think we now have a clearer idea of just why Mr. Martin went out of his way to attack George Zimmerman. Rachel Jeantel was speaking with Martin on his cell phone the night the attack against Zimmerman occurred. Listen to her responses to Piers Morgan when he asks why Martin was ‘freaked out’ over Zimmerman. If you patiently make your way through Jeantel’s interview, you will get her personal on-the-scene take as to Martin’s motivation (and in her view, justification) for jumping poor George. And not surprisingly, this pathetic plot seems to boil down to that favorite old-fashioned hetero hazing sport known as gay bashing. According to Ms. Jeantel, Trayvon Martin thought Zimmerman was Gay, so dear little Tray felt quite free to beat the unholy crap out of this guileless guy. Continue reading

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Stacey Dash Appears on Piers Morgan—Black Actress for Romney

Democrats don’t like uppity African Americans who dare to walk away from the progressive plantation. Note that Ms. Dash did not receive a concerned telephone call from Barack Obama—Mister O has been way too busy cozying-up with the likes of Sandra Fluke for a little gender gerrymandering. Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, however, did find the time to give Ms. Dash an encouraging telephone call. Continue reading

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Chris Christie to Warren Buffett: Shut Up and Write a Check Already

Governor Chris Christie at his tell-it-like-it-is best. As Piers Morgan of CNN attempts to push the 1% Democrat party line in Christie’s face, the Governor slaps away Morgan’s feeble political feint with a simple frontal attack. You’ve got to like his style. Continue reading

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MSNBC Takes a Dive in the Ratings

Those so sought after ratings are not on the rise at the MSNBC news network this year. In fact, cable’s liberal nest of noisome nonsense is poised to plunge to last place in the ongoing 3-way battle for cable news dominance. Losing its market share in that all-important age range of 25 – 54, MSNBC has been seeing its prime time audience slip sliding away. Continue reading

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