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Mark Steyn VS Penn State’s Michael Mann

Mr. Mann apparently has his undies in a twist over Mark’s opinion piece that appeared on the NRO website on July 15th entitled Football and Hockey. With his usual scathing way with words, Mark drew a neat parallel in his article between Penn State’s cover up of the criminal activities of convicted pedophile, Jerry Sandusky, and the university’s fawning internal review of Mann’s climate research and charges of academic malfeasance. Not surprisingly, the university’s investigative team gave Mann the official Penn State imprimatur despite the fact that these insulated academic drones never questioned one witness nor reviewed any of Mann’s climate ‘science’ data. Continue reading

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Joe Paterno Bites the Dust at Penn State

At dawn this Sunday morning, as most of the Penn State University college kids were sleeping through their Saturday night hang-overs, a work crew arrived at the entrance to Beaver Stadium and hustled off the Joe Paterno statue to parts unknown. Under the protection of 30 police officers in addition to campus security, the crew erected scaffolding around the statue to block their dirty deed from glaring eyes. They then jackhammered the bronze statue from its plinth and quickly muscled it into a nearby flatbed truck. Continue reading

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Prisoners Sing to Sandusky: Hey Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone!

Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State Defensive Coach and now convicted child molester and rapist, was serenaded by his fellow prisoners when he was first incarcerated back in December. His jailhouse buddies chose Pink Floyd’s The Wall for their night-time sing along. Continue reading

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Penn State’s Sandusky Guilty on 45 Counts

Finally, some justice for all the boys that this despicable pervert molested and raped. As I write this post, the prosecution team is addressing reporters and the curious crowds that gathered to hear the verdict. Pennsylvania Attorney General, Linda Kelly, was applauded as she approached the microphones. Continue reading

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Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Joe Paterno Funeral

Pastor Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church congregants plan to picket the funeral of Joe Paterno on Wednesday. Paterno, who died on Sunday from lung cancer, was fired from his head coach position at Penn State University in the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky pedophilia scandal. Continue reading

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Penn State and the McQueary Syndrome

On the Penn State pedophilia scandal and Mike McQueary’s reaction on discovering a little boy getting sodomized in the university’s locker room shower, Mark Steyn has this keenly perceptive cultural observation to offer: Continue reading

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Pimping Out Boys at Penn State?

The sports rumor mill is now strongly hinting that Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State Defensive Coordinator who is now under indictment for numerous crimes of child molestation, was pimping out boys from his Second Mile foundation to satisfy the perverted tastes of rich Penn State donors. Continue reading

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Penn State and the Raping of a Child

We can only shake our heads in total disbelief that the likes of Jerry Sandusky, Penn State’s former football Defensive Coordinator, was able to rape and molest young boys for so many years despite accusations and eye-witness accounts of his crimes. Continue reading

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Patriotism on Campus: Celebrating the Death of Bin Laden

As news of Osama bin Laden’s death hit the global airwaves on Sunday, spontaneous celebrations broke out here, there, and everywhere across our land of liberty. And some of the biggest rip-roaring bashes were held at those citadels of Left-wing anti-US ideology known as America’s college campuses. Believe it or not, college students across the country took to the streets in a joyous free-wheeling outburst of good old-fashioned and unadulterated PATRIOTISM. Continue reading

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Colleges Cry Foul Over Budget Cuts

Many special interest groups within Pennsylvania are still reeling from Governor Tom Corbett’s proposed budget cuts that will dramatically impact many of these complacent institutions and organizations within the state. For far too long, these groups have been getting their greedy little palms greased each and every time they echoed their poor me pleas through the exulted halls of our Democrat controlled state house. Continue reading

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