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Penn State and the McQueary Syndrome

On the Penn State pedophilia scandal and Mike McQueary’s reaction on discovering a little boy getting sodomized in the university’s locker room shower, Mark Steyn has this keenly perceptive cultural observation to offer: Continue reading

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Pope Strikes Back: Dispatches Opus Dei to LA LA Land

A clerical member of the orthodox Catholic organization, Opus Dei, has been appointed as the next Archbishop of the diocese of Los Angeles. Pope Bendict XVI has named Archbishop Jose Gomez, formerly the Archbishop of San Antonio, as the new head of the scandal-ridden LA diocese. Continue reading

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Pedophilia Chic

Polanski’s popularity got you scratching your head? Kevin Jenning’s continued employment as the Safe Schools Czar boggling your brain? Then perhaps you’re one of those un-hip, tight-arsed Americans who have yet to embrace the cool cultural concept of Pedophilia Chic. Continue reading

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