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Seriously, The Million Muppet March??

All hail, the Million Muppet March is at hand! Yep, the progressive movement in the United States has just taken a hard left turn onto that dead-end dirt track of political insanity, heading full-force into the wacky ideological wilds of moronic meltdown. The Big Bird Brigade is on the move and coming this November 3rd it will spread its imaginary wings over the National Mall in Washington DC to demonstrate the mighty power of the sycophantic sock puppet. Continue reading

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Multimillionaire Ken Burns—Apologist for PBS Funding

Ken Burns, the producer and director of such PBS documentaries as The Civil War and Baseball, and with a new documentary ready to air on PBS this November, has taken to the print media to proclaim his support for the continued funding of public broadcasting. As we all know, Mister Burns is not exactly a disinterested unbiased man-in-the-street when it comes to taxpayer handouts for the free-loading cultural elite at PBS. This guy makes millions from the sale of his products to PBS and their affiliates, profiting from the relationship he has cultivated over the years with this non-profit entity. The PBS outlet also shelters Mister Burns from the horror of hawking his documentaries in the much harder row to hoe of the open market. Continue reading

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The Bird is the Word!

Big Bird Parrots the Obama Party Line Continue reading

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Flipping Big Bird THE BIRD

The public television experiment that started out to add a little healthy protein to the carb-drenched diet of the American viewing audience has found itself corrupted by the syrupy feel-good slime of liberal food-for-thought poisoning. The smug political entity that sneeringly expects a taxpayer handout while pretending to provide an unbiased alternative television experience, is just another head of the progressive hydra that uses our tax dollars to drive its political agenda. Time for the Bird Brains at PBS to be pushed out of the taxpayers’ comfy nest. Start flapping your multicultural wings, fellas, for the free ride is almost at an end. Continue reading

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Yahoo! News Editor Fired Over ‘Black People Drowning’ Comment

The Washington Bureau Chief for Yahoo! News was fired today for his hateful comment directed at Republicans, a comment that was made live during coverage of the Republican National Convention. Not realizing he was close to a hot mic, David Chalian made the following slur which brought amused laughter from his colleagues: “They are happy to have a party with black people drowning.”
Continue reading

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The 39 Steps: A BBC Literature Lynching

I’ve been a John Buchan fan for years now and have read and re-read his Richard Hanny thrillers many times. But this BBC rendering of the Buchan classic bares no resemblance to the original thriller first published in 1915. Continue reading

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