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Palestinians and Arabs: The Left’s Middle East Muppets

All you good little gay boys who just love to prance around with your progressive hetero pals, make sure when visiting that vacation paradise of pre-historic Palestine, to wear your sexy nancy-assed chaps on arrival. Cause these pathetic self-oppressed pricks can play one hell of a mean anti-queer S/M scene. Continue reading

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Meet Pat Condell, Islam’s Enemy

Pat Condell, comedian, political commentator, and avowed atheist gives us the clearest and most concise summary of the Islamic modus operandi and speaks truth to the corrupt progressive powers that would sell-out Western values in the name of multicultural accommodation. Continue reading

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Pony Up for Palestine: The Gay Gullibility Factor

Israel, Palestine, and Gays written by Paul Varnell, originally appeared in the Chicago Free Press back in 2002 and was published again at the Independent Gay Forum. In this article, Mr. Varnell contrasts the daily realities for gay men living in the West Bank and Gaza with the world of gay men living in Israel. Continue reading

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