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CPAC and GOProud: Apparently Not Perfect Together

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has informed GOProud that they will not be invited to serve as a co-sponsor for their upcoming 2012 event. And the formal exclusion of the only national organization that represents conservative gays and lesbians is causing a bit of a buzz within the right-of-center community. Andrew Breitbart, the conservative alternative media king, has declared that he will not attend CPAC 2012 in personal protest against the GoProud exclusion. And Roger Simon, CEO of Pajamas Media, has also joined the boycott battlecry. Continue reading

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Mass Murder in Norway: The End of Multicultural Opposition?

Bruce Bawer, literary critic, author, and political commentator, has been quite outspoken through the years concerning the very real dangers of the rising tide of Islamification throughout Europe. As a gay man living in Oslo, Norway, Bawer’s political and social observations as an ex-patriot American hunkered down within the fire zones of European multiculturalism give his opinion pieces much more power and credibility than the soppy liberal soliloquies coming out of US universities. Continue reading

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Draw Mohammed Contest: The Winner Is…

Pajamas Media sponsored an Everybody Draw Mohammed Contest organized by one of its contributors who goes by the name of Zombie. The contest offered the winning cartoonist a death sentence decree worth $10,000. Continue reading

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Welfare State: Demographics And The Pampered Populace

For a great analysis of what the social welfare state has in store for us here in the USA, read Mark Steyn’s article in the Washington Post. A cut to the chase, in your face primer on the hard realities of the hand-out happy entitlement mentality. Continue reading

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