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Flipping America the Bird, British Style

Apparently, if you’re a British diplomat serving in the United States and feeling a bit overshadowed by your bigger and better ally, you simply bake a creepy cake celebrating the destruction of your hated friend’s capitol building and then tweet a commemorative photograph of this governmental goodie to all and sundry. Just a little Monty Python humor to shore-up those flagging members of the British diplomatic corps. Nudge-Nudge, Wink-Wink. Continue reading

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Sharia for Kids: Hacking Off Hands 101

The Nation of Ninnies seems to be awash in weekend Sharia Schools that are teaching Muslim children the intricate ins and outs of basic barbarism. An investigative report by the BBC has found that approximately 40 Muslim weekend schools across the UK are teaching Sharia law to over 5,000 children. Continue reading

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