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Occupy Wall Street Eager to Claim Colorado Shooter As One of Their Own

The following post was blazoned across the Occupy Wall Street website the other day proudly proclaiming that the Colorado shooter must have been one of OWS’ Black Bloc goons gallantly striking back against THE MAN by murdering moviegoers who dared to watch a Hollywood blockbuster with an anti-OWS political plot. Continue reading

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The Well-Dressed Anarchist: A Rioter’s Guide to Wall Street Wear

When out on the town for a day of violence and destruction, the aspiring young anarchist must be decked out in duds that are indicative of his or her May Day best. For after all, couture for the counter-culture elite is an important part of the provocative image of manufactured mayhem that hopefully will elicit both fear and admiration from the gaping Goobers safely sitting on the political sidelines. Continue reading

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Romney Shows Some True Grit

Mitt Romney flexes a little patriotic muscle and pops an annoying Occupy pimple by simply speaking truth to the congenitally stupid. Tell it like it is, Mitt: America is right and the Occupy Leftist goons are WRONG. Continue reading

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An Occupy Wall Street Retrospective

As New York City cleans up Zuccotti Park yet again after a New Year’s clash with the spoiled whitewashed socialist trash know collectively as the Occupy Movement, let’s take a 2-minute cruise through some of the great heroic moments of this anti-intellectual frat party. Boy, these Bloomberg Babies are so articulate, ain’t they? Continue reading

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Life in the Land of OccUtopia: Arson, Murder, and Rape, Oh My!

The Yellow Brick Road to socialism seems to be plagued by some very unseemly and serious scenarios of a violent and brutal nature. But is anyone really surprised that the Occupy movement is totally adrift in an unsettling sea of pointless passion, floundering in the foam of their silly non sequiturs? Sadly, if nothing else, this hacked-up hairball of Leftwing lunacy has perhaps taught some very tough life lessons to the proud and the privileged whose college capers have hit the concrete wall of genuine in-your-face reality. Continue reading

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Democrat Cockroaches and the Occupy Riots

Let’s give thanks for the arrogance, stupidity, and pathetic desperation of America’s Leftwing elements and to all their Democrat enablers embedded in the cracks and crevices of government, academia, media, and business. The gullible girls and boys of the Occupy brat pack brigade have switched on the revealing light of the liberal Leftwing agenda. And my of my, what do we see? Continue reading

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Guy Fawkes: The Anarchist Archetype

And how fitting, that it would be the figure of Guy Fawkes that would capture the stunted imagination of our Western play boys and play girls who have nothing better to do with their ever-adolescent lives than model a romanticized version of a religious fanatic as pictured in the imaginary outer reaches of comic books and movies. Continue reading

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The Business of Revolution: Corporations Cash in on OWS

The revolution is on, dude! And leading from behind in this free-for-all of anachronistic anarchy are many of our brothers and sisters residing in those cozy corporate executive suites who are oh so eager to show their solidarity with America’s upper middle class malcontents.
Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Fed Up With Homeless Freeloaders

The hard-working kitchen staff at the New York City Occupy Wall Street jamboree are mad as hell and they ain’t gona take it any more. After slaving 18 hours a day every day to serve up three upscale squares to the hordes of homeless who have descended upon Zuccotti Park, the citizen chefs of the Peoples Republic of Socialist Squatters have slapped down their spatulas in despair. Continue reading

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Crime and the Occupy Wall Street Crowd

Ah, it was all supposed to be about progressive solidarity and the righteous anger of The People demonstrating its displeasure with those carnivorous fat cat capitalists. Oh well, I guess reality was bound to make its debut upon this silly stage of political pretensions orchestrated by overacting Alinskyite agitators. Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street Survey: Protestors Share Their Views

The first opinion poll of those Occupy Wall Street rapscallions has been completed and the political views expressed by these 21st century Robespierres have been neatly tagged and documented. Of course, it will come as no surprise to most of us folks who live out our daily lives free of illegally brazen behavior that these professional street urchins camped out in NYC espouse a political perspective that the average American abhors. Continue reading

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You Might Be a Fleabagger If….

You might be a fleabagger if…you majored in Post-Feminist, Post-Colonial, Post-American LGBTQ studies at Sarah Lawrence College…if you have Koch envy…if you think you’re entitled to all the products that corporations make while despising the corporations that make them…if you think Bush was a war criminal but Stalin was cool.
Continue reading

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Killing the Lord in Uganda

Well, we’re now off to Uganda to bring peace and joy to that African nation by presenting them with 100 military ‘advisors’ to assist in the final elimination of the rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Headed-up by a mass-murderer named Joseph Kony, this gaggle of primitive gangsters has been responsible for thousands of killings, rapes, abductions, and child slavery across the Ugandan, Sudanese, and Congolese regions. The brutal history of these guerrilla goons is certainly not in dispute. But us cautious and curious citizens here in the US are a bit perplexed as to the real whys and wherefores of Obama’s latest geopolitical maneuver that inserts an American military presence into this sector of the Dark Continent. Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: Defecating from Both Ends

The Occupy Wall Street debacle seems to be bringing out the usual crop of Lefty life disruptors, those low achieving governmental give-me moochers who see themselves as the self-appointed mouthpieces for that nebulous crowd of American clodhoppers know as The People. And as these professional layabouts take their lawless public squat at the taxpayers’ expense, the garbage and the trash and all the other leftovers of human laziness continue to pile up. Continue reading

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