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Occupy Cop Hater Charged with Crimes for Facebook Pages

Joshua Scott Albert, the smug little Occupy Lefty who gloated over the murder of off-duty police officer, Moses Walker, Jr., and who broadcast his cop hate by creating Facebook pages honoring the Officer’s killers is now face-to-face with something other than a simple social network. What’s a 26-year old boy blogger to do? Continue reading

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Green Gestapo Hits Grandmother with Thread Fine

When a 71-year old grandmother inadvertently allowed a cotton thread, yes, I said a thread, to fall from her glove while walking along a street in the Welsh town of Brynmawr, this poor pensioner was immediately mugged by an ‘environmental’ officer who slapped her with a £75 littering fine. The lady’s glove somehow snagged on her wristwatch, and unbeknownst to her, caused the offending thread to flutter down to Gaia’s sacred ground. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: The Asbestos Queen

So what does this horrible asbestos-caused cancer have to do with Elizabeth Warren, Democrat contender for the Senate seat in Massachusetts, overpaid Harvard Law Schoolmarm, self-proclaimed champion of The People, and Mother-in-Waiting to the Occupy movement? Well, this elite spokeswoman for the academic good life may pose as a loving caretaker for the muddled masses but in reality Madam Warren has no problem at all in allowing the stricken and the infirmed to sicken and die on the doorstep of the nation’s insurance industry. Continue reading

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Life in the Land of OccUtopia: Arson, Murder, and Rape, Oh My!

The Yellow Brick Road to socialism seems to be plagued by some very unseemly and serious scenarios of a violent and brutal nature. But is anyone really surprised that the Occupy movement is totally adrift in an unsettling sea of pointless passion, floundering in the foam of their silly non sequiturs? Sadly, if nothing else, this hacked-up hairball of Leftwing lunacy has perhaps taught some very tough life lessons to the proud and the privileged whose college capers have hit the concrete wall of genuine in-your-face reality. Continue reading

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