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Obama 2008 and Obama 2012: He Doesn’t Even Bother to Change the Script

Obama’s very own words condemn his presidential tenure. And come November 6, 2012, we won’t have to listen to these vacuous progressive pep rallies any more. Continue reading

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AttackWatch: Something Creepy This Way Comes

Does your household harbor a reactionary Republican? Is there a work colleague making anti-Barack boasts during the lunch break? Well, be of good cheer, dear comrades, because AttackWatch is up and running and able and ready to take their names. The latest Obama 2012 reelection strategy is the creation of a creepy report the enemy website called AttackWatch.com. It’s a hyped-up and nastier version of the Fight the Smears site from Obama’s 2008 campaign and encourages O-bot supporters to report those who dare to stain the sainted aura of their great leader.
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