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Bain Attack Backfire

The Romney campaign hasn’t wasted any time making good use of Cory Booker’s anti-Bain attack ad blurbs from his Meet the Press debut on Sunday. Booker, the Democrat Mayor of Newark, New Jersey and a senatorial hopeful to replace the 88-year old Frank Lautenberg, is looking to his own future and to advancing the financial foundation of his next political move. So gee, why would Booker publicly lick the Obama boots when those boots are walking their way right out of the White House? The Barack boat has sprung some big leaks and don’t the rats know it. Continue reading

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Whitney Houston Fans Want a Piece of the Action

As the family of Whitney Houston came together in Newark, New Jersey, to mourn the loss of their loved one in a closed private viewing on Friday, some of Houston’s so-called fans voiced their ire at being left out of the star-studded event. Continue reading

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