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Anthony Weiner’s Seat Going to a Republican?

Let’s hear it for all those sophomoric males in political public service today who just can’t get their minds to rise above their overexposed private parts. And let’s offer up a special salute to Mister Anthony Weiner, former Democrat Congressman from New York, whose congressional seat is now up for grabs in a special election to be held on September 13th. The latest poll released on Friday now shows the Republican challenger, Bob Turner, leading the Democrat placeholder, David Weprin, by six points. Hip hip hurrah! Way to go, Anthony! Continue reading

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New Yorkers Like Their Teachers, But Not Their Unions

A Quinnipiac poll has found that New York residents really like their teachers but their unions have got to go. The poll showed that 50% of New Yorkers had a favorable opinion of public school teachers as opposed to 22% with an unfavorable opinion. Continue reading

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Rebuilding Ground Zero: Let’s Hear it for the Men

Since our culture has set aside no calendar month to honor the stunning accomplishments and sacrifices of our belittled, besmirched, and bemoaned male of the species, I thought it only fitting to cap off Women’s History Month with a little contextual reality. Continue reading

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