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The High-Tech Lynching of George Zimmerman

Now that George Zimmerman has been found innocent of all criminal charges by a jury of six very courageous women, the American public, along with Mr. Zimmerman himself, will have to endure even more manufactured mania, all packaged and pushed by the hate-heads of pro-regressive TV. And with the likes of such television dignitaries as Al Rev-em-up Sharpton tapping into the Eric Holder Social Justice Hotline, it looks like the media lynch mob is hoping to hang poor curious George with yet another made-to-order racist rope. Continue reading

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Union Goons Attack Reporter in Michigan

Steven Crowder, a Fox News contributor and conservative activist, found himself on the receiving end of union violence and spittle-enhanced obscenities yesterday during demonstrations in Lansing, Michigan. The assault and battery on Crowder and the violent acts committed against others were all playfully described by the mainstream media as a boisterous day in the state capital (Brian Williams, NBC News). Continue reading

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On the Ascendency of Chelsea Clinton to NBC News

Here in the good old USA, we like to think that most people get promoted, whether in business, government, academia, or the media, based upon a tried-and-true concept collectively categorized in bourgeois circles as genuine qualifications for the job—all those boring banalities of professional performance known as hard work, dedication, and a proven track record of success in a specific field of endeavor. Which brings us to NBC’s selection of Chelsea Clinton to ascend to the regal rank of journalist extraordinaire within the network’s newsroom. Continue reading

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