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Breitbart Storms California

Breitbart is taking California by storm! Yep, you heard me, CALIFORNIA. Yesterday, Breitbart News Network announced the launch of Breitbart California, the latest effort in this conservative news organization’s national and global expansion strategy.

But not everyone is dancing with hilarious happy feet over Breitbart’s aggressive news incursion into the Land of Left-over Marxists. Nor are all of God’s Grown-Up Children thrilled at the Big B’s street-wise advertising campaign. Continue reading

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Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress

We made a little Holder history this afternoon with the House of Representatives voting 255 – 67 to hold the US Attorney General in contempt of Congress. Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat’s Dragon Lady extraordinaire, herded about a hundred of her socialist sheep out through the House door in defiance of the vote. But that little grandstanding gesture didn’t change the outcome. In fact, 18 Democrats voted in favor of finding Holder in contempt. Continue reading

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Susan B. Anthony List and the Bureau of Womanhood Conformity

And just to inform the conservative world-at-large–there are many lesbians who are Pro-Life and certainly a heck of a lot of gay women who do NOT support the cold calculating concept of aborting babies on demand for any whimsical reason at any point during the pregnancy. Thought I’d just make that very clear. Continue reading

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Woman Disfigured by Acid Attack Commits Suicide

As pampered white middle-class faux feminists in this country invent and reinvent their myriad manufactured gripes and grievances against the patriarchal ‘evils’ of American culture, the terrifyingly unfeigned horrors confronting Third World women have found no place on the poor-me podium featuring the liberal ladies’ endless laments. It seems the white sisterhood these days is way too busy selling the likes of Sandra Fluke as the oppressed poseur for taxpayer-provided freelance fucking. Continue reading

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Pelosi: The Progressive Poster Girl

Give a great big Thank You! to the dumbos of the Democrat party for picking Nancy Pelosi to serve as House Minority Leader. Continue reading

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Pelosi Goes Kerplunk

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead-Ended! Continue reading

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Happy Halloween from the Progressive Princess

Speaker of the House getting ready to fly away on her broom stick. Continue reading

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GOProud Launches Political Ads

GOProud is stepping into the 2010 election fracas with their own political ad campaign. Targeting Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi, GOProud will be hitting the airwaves with a 30-second smack at these dysfunctional Democrats Continue reading

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