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Happy Independence Day–With the Emphasis on Independence

As the George the 3rd thugs of modern-day American politics attempt to devolve our nation into a tax-heavy bureaucracy of dependent drips and drones, let us take this special day of celebration to contemplate the true meaning of independence. And unlike the adolescent licentiousness of the hip culture creatures that immaturely equate independence with unfettered do-as-I-feel-like freedom at someone else’s expense, us grown-up members of Western society know what it really takes to stand on the legs of our forefathers’ legacy. Continue reading

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Our Ambassador is Murdered But Still the Left Clings to their Arab Spring Fantasy

The Muslim mantra of the American Left continues to croon its mesmerizing tune. These silly multiculturalists really do believe that if they could only strangle anti-Islamic speech than the whole freaking world of Third World victims would finally come to love us after all. Ignorance, according to the playbook of the progressive Politburo, can only be found within the borders of the USA and even then it is confined to the narrow evil corridors inhabited by Right-wing extremists. Continue reading

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