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9/11 Memorial Anniversary: Remembering What It ISN’T

The 9/11 anniversary is a time to remember the atrocities committed against us in the name of Allah and also an opportunity to focus on the folly of Islamic appeasement, a deluded political ploy that has conspired to make Americans even more unsafe than ever. How can we defend ourselves against those who would harm us if we are blinded by the idiocy of a ‘progressive’ ideology hell-bent on obfuscating reality? How can we protect ourselves against a barbaric horde when globs of politically evil eyewash are rubbed into America’s visual consciousness by the tolerance toadies and the status-seeking self-hating haters of all things American? For make no mistake, it is the contemptible parasites within Western Civilization, all those smug self-righteous pacifists, those deluded deniers, those minions of multinational nirvana, all those cultural cockroaches that infest our colleges, our government, our media, and our kids classrooms—these are the creepy-crawly vermin of American Armageddon.
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Wake Up, You Multicultural Idiots!

Will the gruesome death of the British soldier in London shake up the besotted brains of the multicultural jackasses who are turning Britain into a Third World country? Or will this poor man’s death be used as yet another ‘tolerance teaching moment’ for the beleaguered British public? Continue reading

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British Support Muslim Polygamy With Welfare Payments

In our modern heyday of Third World victims and the veneration of their barbarically medieval mores by silly White progressives, not only has a very bleary British blind eye been turned to the multiple couplings of Muslim men, but the UK welfare system is actually supporting Muslim male polygamy with nice fat taxpayer-provided payments. Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren and Her Very White World of Diversity

Elizabeth Warren—the Harvard Hands-Around-the-Globe Diversity Queen can’t seem to find campaign staff that represent her wonderful world of multicultural inclusiveness. Here is Princess Pocahontas at her headquarters with her very gullible groupies who for some strange reason all seem to look just like her. Continue reading

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The Death of Right and Wrong: Tammy Bruce on Target

If you’re looking for an easy to read but solid summary of the Left’s cultural shenanigans and the devastating effects of its war on America’s psyche, then I would wholeheartedly recommend Tammy Bruce’s scathing polemic, The Death of Right and Wrong: Exposing the Left’s Assault on our Culture and Values. As the snotty review of her book by Publishers’ Weekly back in 2003 correctly states, Ms. Bruce rips into the progressive gurus and their phony catechism of moral chaos. Continue reading

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Jew-Hating: A Liberal Multicultural Thing

Anti-Semitism is making a great big comeback in Western Europe and it’s starting to show signs of renewed life here in the US. Like an infected boil on a sore backside, Jew-hating has erupted once again on the battered body politic of Western civilization. And serving as the latest front for this anti-Semitic hate haven is a smug condescending sympathy for a people far far away. Yes, the Palestinian problem has presented a nice either/or, good versus evil social scenario. Or to put it in its proper Marxist parlance, the dysfunctional, self-destructive culture of the misfits of the Middle East has given the anti-West Left yet another political ploy to plot. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism: The Big Lie

Let’s face it folks, without Western culture and the values that flow from it, we wouldn’t be here arguing about the multicultural claptrap that has become the bread and butter of white European liberals who just love to haughtily hate the very heritage that has allowed them to live such ultra comfortable and snugly safe lives. Continue reading

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US Military Bans the Bible at Walter Reed

Anti-Christian multiculturalism is running amuck within the US military. In a memo dated September 14, 2011, the Commander of the newly consolidated Walter Reed National Military Medical Center effectively banned the bible and all other religious items from the facility during patient visits. This inane act of bureaucratic anti-religious bigotry was brought to public attention by Congressman Steve King from Iowa who lambasted the Navy from the House floor on Thursday. Remember, we’re talking about the sick and the wounded here, men and women who need the emotional support of their family, friends, and faith. Continue reading

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Mass Murder in Norway: The End of Multicultural Opposition?

Bruce Bawer, literary critic, author, and political commentator, has been quite outspoken through the years concerning the very real dangers of the rising tide of Islamification throughout Europe. As a gay man living in Oslo, Norway, Bawer’s political and social observations as an ex-patriot American hunkered down within the fire zones of European multiculturalism give his opinion pieces much more power and credibility than the soppy liberal soliloquies coming out of US universities. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism Tanking in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is finally saying NO to the Double-Dutch standard of multiculturalism. After a 30-plus year experiment with nonsensical political policies that promoted parallel societies within its borders, one a modernized Western culture and the other a pre-Medieval caliphate, the Dutch government is now instituting measures to put an end to the suicidal Muslim mollification programs of the past. Continue reading

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Why the Japanese Don’t Loot: A Dearth of Diversity

There’s a head scratching conundrum that seems to have the media so puzzled and perplexed. And that confusion centers on just why there’s been no wholesale or even random acts of looting in Japan after those devastating earthquakes rocked the island nation. Today, survivors are still struggling with a lack of food, clothing, and drinking water let alone all those other ‘necessities’ that we’ve come to expect from modern life. Yet no one is mugging their nearest neighbor nor sifting through what’s left of other peoples’ possessions. So how can such exemplary behavior under such adverse conditions be possible in this day and age of Gimme Gimme and Where’s Mine? Continue reading

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Gay-Free Zones in London Spark Gay Denial

If gay men and lesbian women are expecting their own organizations to come to their defense when acts of violence threatening their existence loom large, well, they better reassess that trusting surmise and start looking elsewhere for protection. And fast. Continue reading

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Texas School Board Mandates Arab Studies

The Mansfield, Texas school district is trying to extinguish the firestorm that has erupted after news of their decision to require its students to take Arabic language and culture classes hit the parental airwaves. Continue reading

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UK Prime Minister: Multiculturalism Breeds Terrorists

The multicultural mystique is showing signs of tarnish and taint. Having been left out in the realm of reality for too long, the progressive multicultural mettle of a balkanized hands-around-the-world mentality, has proven to be just another rusted-out hulk of junk social science. Continue reading

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Multiculturalism 101: A Victor Davis Hanson Mini Course

Does our mind boggle at the front and center facade of the multicultural mystique? Do you feel browbeaten by all the self-righteous progressive doubles-speak masquerading as tolerance and fairness? Well, be confounded no more. Multiculturalism 101 is now part of our core curriculum. And at the head of the class is Victor Davis Hanson, military historian, political essayist, and former Classics professor. Continue reading

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Germany: Multiculturalism is Dead

Well Holy Hallelujah! Finally a Head of State has stated the obvious! Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, announced today that the German experiment to build a multicultural society “has failed, utterly failed”. Continue reading

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Violence Against Gays in Amsterdam

There is a disturbing trend of violence against gay men and lesbians in the Netherlands, a trend that continues to be ignored by the Left-leaning bureaucrats who naively adhere to their multicultural mantras. Continue reading

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Sexually Mutilating Girls: A Medical Multicultural Happening!

A nick nick here, a nick nick there, here a nick, there a nick, everywhere a nick nick….So what’s in a nick anyway? Well, you need not worry your unenlightened little heads about this small relatively insignificant ‘medical’ procedure that would have been performed by our great white-coated professionals, who of course, have the world’s multicultural interests at heart. Continue reading

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