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MSNBC Tanks in Zimmerman Ratings

MSNBC, the cable network that bills itself as THE place for politics, is discovering that the heavy-handed progressive pull of its so-called news coverage just ain’t selling like it use to. The Lefty true believers, including liberals and hardcore pro-regressives alike, apparently are finding it quite difficult these days to treat this fringe freak show of a network with any form of respect. Yes indeed, the feel-good faithful have been publicly proclaiming its been-there-done-that boredom with MSNBC by simply not showing up for the ratings roll call. Continue reading

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The High-Tech Lynching of George Zimmerman

Now that George Zimmerman has been found innocent of all criminal charges by a jury of six very courageous women, the American public, along with Mr. Zimmerman himself, will have to endure even more manufactured mania, all packaged and pushed by the hate-heads of pro-regressive TV. And with the likes of such television dignitaries as Al Rev-em-up Sharpton tapping into the Eric Holder Social Justice Hotline, it looks like the media lynch mob is hoping to hang poor curious George with yet another made-to-order racist rope. Continue reading

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Stacey Dash Appears on Piers Morgan—Black Actress for Romney

Democrats don’t like uppity African Americans who dare to walk away from the progressive plantation. Note that Ms. Dash did not receive a concerned telephone call from Barack Obama—Mister O has been way too busy cozying-up with the likes of Sandra Fluke for a little gender gerrymandering. Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, however, did find the time to give Ms. Dash an encouraging telephone call. Continue reading

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MSNBC Finishes Dead Last in the Convention Ratings

The viewer stats for the first night of the Republican Convention are in and bringing up the rear is none other than the back-end boys of MSNBC. Continue reading

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Mia Love and Other Minorities Blacked Out at MSNBC

If you were watching the Republican National Convention over at the MSNBC Democrat plantation, you wouldn’t have seen nor heard the speeches of Black or Latino Republicans. Such uppity minorities who dare to thumb their noses at the Democrat’s grievance grindstone are a growing threat to the progressive party line and therefore must be blacked out by the white liberal elites running the political showbiz at MSNBC. Continue reading

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The Win in Wisconsin—What It Really Means

One of the best analysis on the Walker Wisconsin recall win was penned by Walter Russell Mead at the American Interest today. If you’ve ever scratched your head in total bewilderment at the obstinate stance taken by Democrats over the commonsense agenda of reducing an outsized government bureaucracy, here’s your answer. Continue reading

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Are Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes Identical Twins?

The many physical and psychological similarities between Maddow and Hayes have much to do with the provocative Tweet Ann Coulter wrote today in response to Chris Hayes’ reluctance to define our fallen troops as heroes. Continue reading

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Al Sharpton—Making Rush Limbaugh Sound Like a Saint

Ah, the very briny brain of the loud and lowly Al Sharpton. I thought it would be nice to take a little stroll down the back roads and byways of the public life of Al the Foul and get re-acquainted with this MSNBC cheapjack hack. So here’s a fast and furious mini-course conducted by the very man who thinks Rush Limbaugh should be hounded off the airwaves. Continue reading

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The Maddow Image: Rachel Who?

Oops! MSNBC’s alternative lifestyle lesbian is apparently not the household phenomenon that those in the know among the liberal Left seem to think she is. Last Thursday, the contestants on ABC’s game show, Jeopardy, had not a clue who this woman of so many words but nary an original thought might have been. After a prolonged silence from the three contestants when given their prompt, Alex Trebek, the show’s long-time host, enlightened the players and the audience with the correct answer. Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann Soon to be Past Tense at Current TV

Remember Keith Olbermann? That naughty and never nice prima donna who somehow got the notion that his talents were too much and too many to be wasted on the sporting trade? Well, he’s now having his temper tantrums over at that wavering way station for jobless rejects known as Current TV. And just like their MSNBC sister socialist network, the Current crowd are none too pleased at the egotistical episodes of Comrade Keith. Continue reading

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MSNBC Takes a Dive in the Ratings

Those so sought after ratings are not on the rise at the MSNBC news network this year. In fact, cable’s liberal nest of noisome nonsense is poised to plunge to last place in the ongoing 3-way battle for cable news dominance. Losing its market share in that all-important age range of 25 – 54, MSNBC has been seeing its prime time audience slip sliding away. Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow: Leaning Forward at the Hoover Dam

During the Republican presidential debates on Wednesday evening hosted by that paragon of journalistic integrity known as MSNBC, viewers were treated to the occasional big-government-is-best pitch proffered by the network’s progressive Talking Heads. And the best of the bunch for a belly laugh or two featured the very Left-leaning liberal lesbian, Rachel Maddow, who was holding court at the Hoover Dam. Yes, the Hoover Dam. Duly fitted out in a working stiff’s Blue-State hardhat and sporting casual dress-down proletariat attire, Ms. Maddow attempted to remind the commoners just how great it was when big government got to do such great big things and she urged her fellow citizens to start thinking real big once again. Just lean forward, America, and not to worry, your progressive betters at MSNBC will be there to catch you. Continue reading

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MSNBC Hires Al Sharpton: Conservatives Celebrate

Al ‘The Sham’ Sharpton will be hosting MSNBC’s 6 PM time slot starring in his own slimy version of that cacophonous commentary that passes for progressive news analysis. And now that the executives at MSNBC have reached far down into that Left-wing barrel of rotten activist apples to somehow pull out some semblance of a ratings sensation, we here in Rightville can only smile smugly and send out our best wishes for an all out Sharpton success. Continue reading

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Chris Matthews: It’s the Rick Perry Tingle

If Chris Matthew’s ridiculous remarks about Governor Rick Perry are any thing to go by, it would appear that the poor benighted boobs on the Left have really run out of coherent political commentary. And is it any wonder. After spending the past three years in exhaustive hyper-drive hysterically hitting at Sarah Palin and Tea Party America, the Prog Head punch lines are now sputtering out into futile flecks of spittle and foam. Continue reading

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Serial Killer is a Palestinian Arab

It’s bad enough when the Lamestream media hides crucial facts from the American people, such as the racial/ethnic identity of a serial killer. But when police departments deliberately fail to mention the ethnicity or skin complexion of a knife-wielding killer wanted for the murders of African Americans, you got to know our culture is contaminated with a deadly dose of progressive poison. Continue reading

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Hillary Running in 2016?

Hillary Clinton for President in 2016? You can bet on it! Continue reading

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Fox News Celebrates A Very Merry Christmas

Fox News crushes the competition. In the year of Obama, in the year of progressive apotheosis, could it be that the Left-wing pantheon is beginning to crumble? If Cable TV News ratings could be considered a predictor of changing times and minds, then the gods of secular socialism may be feeling the first tremors of an American conservative earthquake. Continue reading

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