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Gay Marriage: The Love That Won’t Shut the F-UP

My current sentiments concerning the entire topic of gay marriage can be succinctly summed up in the following quote: Once upon a time they called homosexuality “the love that dare not speak its name.” Now it’s become the love that won’t shut the f___ up. Continue reading

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Women Banned from Touching Phallic Produce

Cucumbers, bananas, and squash, oh my! How can such nasty sexually suggestive veggies and fruits lay provocatively on display at local supermarkets where weak-minded women might think thoughts of a prurient nature when touching these penis imposters? Mohammed, forbid! Continue reading

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Porn 101: A Liberal Arts Education at Northwestern

The study of human sexuality took a bizarre voyeuristic twist on the campus of Northwestern University when a tenured professor there offered a live sex demonstration in his classroom as extra-curricular activity. Continue reading

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