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Sharia Lite in LA: Cops Appease Muslim Mobs

Did the LA cops put on enough of a public show to share with the global media its intent to crackdown on those who would blaspheme against the pre-medieval ‘prophet’? Did the Obama administration flex enough muscle to make it clear to anyone living in the land of the free and the home of the brave that mugging Mohammed would bring the full force of our Sharia-enabling government goon squad down on their poor benighted head? As a nation, we are pulling down our pants and bending over for a bunch of Third World maniacs. Continue reading

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Iranian Women, Then and Now

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the keynote speaker at the Women and Islamic Awakening Conference held in Tehran. This two-day tour de force for the femme fatales of Muslim activism featured workshops that strictly reinforced the crucial role these dames play in maintaining the hegemony of jumped-up jerks like the one featured in the photo below. Continue reading

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Women Banned from Touching Phallic Produce

Cucumbers, bananas, and squash, oh my! How can such nasty sexually suggestive veggies and fruits lay provocatively on display at local supermarkets where weak-minded women might think thoughts of a prurient nature when touching these penis imposters? Mohammed, forbid! Continue reading

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Mohammed Lampoon Leads to Firebombing

In simple solidarity with the editors of Charlie Hebdo, a French humor magazine that was firebombed yesterday for daring to poke fun at the sacred superman of Islam, I thought it fitting to share the offending front page feature that led to this act of terrorism and intimidation.

It’s time for you followers of Mr. Mohammed to figure out just what century you’re really living in. Get the sanctimonious sticks out of your medieval butts, already! Continue reading

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Draw Mohammed Contest: The Winner Is…

Pajamas Media sponsored an Everybody Draw Mohammed Contest organized by one of its contributors who goes by the name of Zombie. The contest offered the winning cartoonist a death sentence decree worth $10,000. Continue reading

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Mohammed’s Coming Out Party

The Comedy Central controversy over their censoring of a South Park episode that portrayed the religious leader Mohammed in a bear suit has sparked the creation of the first Everybody Draw Mohammed Day or as I like to think of this very special occasion, Mohammed’s Coming Out Party. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day will be celebrated on Thursday, May 20th. Continue reading

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