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Perry Leading Republican Field in New Poll

Governor Rick Perry has pulled ahead of the Republican pack. Rasmussen has just released their latest poll and the numbers are encouraging for Perry. Continue reading

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Rick Perry is Officially IN: Let the Games Begin

It’s now official: Rick Perry, Governor of Texas, is a publicly proclaimed candidate for the Republican presidential nomination for 2012. And already up and running is the Rick Perry for President website which went live this afternoon.
Having been sorely disappointed at the motley crew of Republican presidential contenders currently strutting their stuff in Iowa, I’m pleased and more than a bit relieved to see Governor Perry tossing his Texan hat into the political 3-ring circus. I certainly have respect for Michele Bachmann and Tim Pawlenty, but quite frankly, neither project that presidential demeanor that is the quintessential quality for any successful candidate running for president today. Continue reading

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GOProud, Michele Bachmann, and the Glitter Girl

Where else but in the political arena of 21st century America could we find a female conservative contender for the presidency, a progressive lesbian activist, and a gay conservative organization all coming together at the interesting online intersection of the Daily Caller, a conservative news site. Continue reading

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SOTU Viewership Takes a Plunge

Mister O’s TV ratings for his State of the Union Address took a dive on Tuesday evening when he advanced to the podium to pronounce his progressive manifesto for America. Continue reading

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Women’s History Month: The Role Model Racket

If it’s March, then it must be Women’s History Month, that once a year sop to the preselected sorority of properly vetted vamps and vixens who successfully jettisoned the patriarchal drag of gender stereotyping. A slivered and slanted celebration, indeed! Continue reading

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