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2016: Obama’s America—Dreams of the Yesterday Man

This November, America will indeed vote to move the country forward but it won’t be the back-to-the-future brand of anti-American socialism touted by the sloganeering Obama campaign that will win the electoral nod. After what we have seen at the Republican Convention this week, it’s pretty plain that the college dorm drug-induced dreams of the white Lefty Boomer establishment have just met their Lake Wobegon Waterloo. Continue reading

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Prosser Wins in Wisconsin: Michael Moore Melts

Like the cynics are prone to say in times of conflict: It ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings. Well, Madame Moore is skreeching like a barn owl on a hot summer’s night over conservative Supreme Court Justice, David Prosser, gaining close to 8,000 votes during the recounting of ballots in Wisconsin. Continue reading

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