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Michael Mann Mocked: The National Review Strikes Back

Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review and one of the defendants in a civil lawsuit brought by Michael Mann—you remember the Chicken Little Professor of Earth Science at Penn State—took out a full-page ad in the university’s student newspaper, The Daily Collegian. Mr. Lowry offered up a tongue-in-cheek congrats to the Hockey Stick Holy Mann for the Nobel Peace prize the Prof has falsely claimed as his. Continue reading

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Mark Steyn VS Penn State’s Michael Mann

Mr. Mann apparently has his undies in a twist over Mark’s opinion piece that appeared on the NRO website on July 15th entitled Football and Hockey. With his usual scathing way with words, Mark drew a neat parallel in his article between Penn State’s cover up of the criminal activities of convicted pedophile, Jerry Sandusky, and the university’s fawning internal review of Mann’s climate research and charges of academic malfeasance. Not surprisingly, the university’s investigative team gave Mann the official Penn State imprimatur despite the fact that these insulated academic drones never questioned one witness nor reviewed any of Mann’s climate ‘science’ data. Continue reading

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