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The Syrian Rebels: Oh, Those Madcap Muslims!

Hey, let’s all give a friendly shout-out to those wonderfully murderous medieval madmen calling themselves the Free Syrian Army (FSA). You know, those glorious ‘freedom fighters’ that the Obama administration just loves to cozy up to in the name of Arab Spring multiculturalism. Take a gander at one of the many promotional videos on YouTube highlighting the interesting outdoor activities of the FSA Allahu Akbar Muslim Meetup. Continue reading

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Calling All Conservative Lesbians in Seattle, WA

If you are a conservative lesbian living in the Seattle metropolitan area, then please take note of the following social Meetup group that is getting underway in your neck of the USA.

Now surely, if there are conservative dykes living within the confines of the ultra-progressive Starbucks socialist justice jurisdiction, then there are most definitely many more Liberty Lesbians living all across this great land of ours. Continue reading

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Mutiny Erupts on Meetup

There is a revolution brewing out there in the nether world of online connection and its taking place in that once peaceful and proficient domain called Meetup.com. Continue reading

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