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Ronald McDonald Sticks It to San Francisco

The new food ordinance imposed by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that make it ILLEGAL for restaurants to include a toy with a kid’s meal if that meal does not comply with the city’s strict nutritional guidelines went into effect on December 1st. The law is an obvious frontal attack against the McDonald’s fast food chain and their ever popular Happy Meals. But the Baron of Burgers had no intention of getting grilled by the nanny-fannies of Frisco. Instead, Mickey D came up with a foxy gambit to get around the Happy Meal ultimatum. Continue reading

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Occupy Chicago Showered with McDonald’s Job Applications

Some traders at the Chicago Board of Trade, the oldest futures and commodities exchange in the world, decided to give those Occupy Chicago college deadbeats a corporate helping hand. And what better way to extend a communal courtesy to the economically disadvantaged than to steer the poor dears in the positive direction of a good paying job. Continue reading

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