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Sexually Transmitted Diseases Running Rampant in NYC

Mayor Bloomberg, that paternalistic political hack who believes he has been anointed by the secular gods of Progressivism to police the food choices of his childlike citizens, might want to turn his divine attention away from the soft targets of snacks and sodas and spend just a little bit of time dealing with the real hardcore public health issues impacting New York City. But of course, that would mean courageously confronting the fatal personal choices made by many minorities and gay men, and of course, it would also mean taking on the cannibalizing liberal culture that supports and sustains sexually promiscuous and irresponsible lifestyles. Continue reading

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NYC Teachers’ Union vs Bloomberg

In the bitter battle over New York City’s budget woes, the United Federation of Teachers is striking back against Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed teacher layoffs by running a blitz of 30-second ads across the metropolitan airwaves. And as we’ve come to expect, the leading characters in this mini-piece of propaganda are the doe-eyed children of NYC’s public education system and the evil twin specters of monied millionaires and their mayoral mascot. Continue reading

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