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Guy Fawkes: The Anarchist Archetype

And how fitting, that it would be the figure of Guy Fawkes that would capture the stunted imagination of our Western play boys and play girls who have nothing better to do with their ever-adolescent lives than model a romanticized version of a religious fanatic as pictured in the imaginary outer reaches of comic books and movies. Continue reading

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American Marxist Meets UK Socialism: A Conservative is Born

Janet Daly is a political commentator and writer whose articles appear in the UK Daily Telegraph. Daly has an intersting personal history and her intellectual journey from a UC Berkeley radical to an expatriate conservative living in the UK reads as a modern day Pilgrim’s Progress. Continue reading

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Restoring Honor: The Lesbian Conservative Goes to Washington

What better way to spend a warm muggy Washingotn DC day than strolling among your fellow and sister Americans celebrating the rebirth of an honorable nation. Continue reading

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Renaming the English Channel: Le Pond?

The One World Order is taking another step forward with the creation of a phantom EU superstate. By drawing up new maps to be distributed to schools across the European Union, the EU bureaucrats hope to obliterate national boundaries and national identities. Continue reading

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