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Dial-A-RINO For the Amnesty Shuffle

Are you bewildered by the linguistic gymnastics of our political betters when it comes to that pesky problem of illegal immigration? Are you confused by the slippery slogans and canned clichés of the Republican Establishment when those Dinosaurs of Leftwing Lite heave forth on the theme of border security and citizenship for illegal aliens? Well gang, welcome to the RINO world of fabricated befuddlement and industrious misdirection. And who best to chart the manufactured maze of Establishment twists and turns than Mark Steyn of SteynOnline, that Conservative commentator extraordinaire. Continue reading

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Gays and Political Expediency—Enjoy The Pet Status While It Lasts

A little reminder from Mark Steyn about the rigorous realities of being nominated to play pet poodle for a political machine and why marching in a Gay Pride parade led by the Multicultural drum majorettes of the Democrat party can be hazardous to your homosexual health. Continue reading

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Mark Steyn VS Penn State’s Michael Mann

Mr. Mann apparently has his undies in a twist over Mark’s opinion piece that appeared on the NRO website on July 15th entitled Football and Hockey. With his usual scathing way with words, Mark drew a neat parallel in his article between Penn State’s cover up of the criminal activities of convicted pedophile, Jerry Sandusky, and the university’s fawning internal review of Mann’s climate research and charges of academic malfeasance. Not surprisingly, the university’s investigative team gave Mann the official Penn State imprimatur despite the fact that these insulated academic drones never questioned one witness nor reviewed any of Mann’s climate ‘science’ data. Continue reading

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Obama and the Rutherford B. Hayes Hoax

The more Barack Obama speaks, the more insipidly stupid this arrogant ignoramus sounds. The 44th President of the United States is a mass-produced product of an affirmative action educational free pass propped-up by a grading on a cretin curve curriculum. Americans are heavily propagandized to see as brilliant this Harvard deconstructed flim-flam man simply because he is African-American and hence supposedly beyond critical reproach. Continue reading

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Susan G. Komen: Shilling for Big Abortion

Now that the breast cancer bosses at the Susan G. Komen Foundation have collapsed under the insidious pressure placed on them by the Big Abortion lobby of the oh so tolerant Left, I offer up some summarizing thoughts on this ugly liberal gang bang by Mark Steyn, political commentator extraordinaire. Continue reading

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What’s Wrong with Romney

So just what’s wrong with Mitt Romney’s campaign? Well, Mark Steyn, commentator, columnist, radio host, and author, has concisely and accurately hammered the political nail directly on the head. I don’t know who is providing the highly-paid campaign advice for Mr. Mitt, but there needs to be a Come to Jesus confrontation within his consultative ranks. Continue reading

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Penn State and the McQueary Syndrome

On the Penn State pedophilia scandal and Mike McQueary’s reaction on discovering a little boy getting sodomized in the university’s locker room shower, Mark Steyn has this keenly perceptive cultural observation to offer: Continue reading

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The Business of Revolution: Corporations Cash in on OWS

The revolution is on, dude! And leading from behind in this free-for-all of anachronistic anarchy are many of our brothers and sisters residing in those cozy corporate executive suites who are oh so eager to show their solidarity with America’s upper middle class malcontents.
Continue reading

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Mark Steyn Sums Up the Deficit Debacle

If anyone has the ability to effectively and laughingly skewer the Left-wing fatted calf of bloated budgets and big government glut, it’s the ever clever pointed pen of Mark Steyn. Mark Steyn, author, political commentator, and radio talk show host has the hard-hitting knack of knocking down all those progressive palisades of pie-in-the-sky inanities that crowd our cultural landscape. And he easily blows away these flimsy liberal phantasms using the double-barrel shotgun of satire and sarcasm. Continue reading

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A Free Egypt? Get Real!

The left-of-center pundits are pandering to the ‘new’ Egypt that they assume is rising from the downfall ashes of the Hosni Mubarak regime. But their golly gee glee naively glosses over the harsh realities now facing Egypt and the Middle East. Continue reading

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Muslim Mafia and the Left

The Left doesn’t fear violence from the Tea Party: it prays for it. And I use the word ‘pray’ in its alternative, non-affiliated, secular sense, of course. Isolated acts of violence perpetrated by right-leaning white guys are like political manna rained down from a progressive providence. Continue reading

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Welfare State: Demographics And The Pampered Populace

For a great analysis of what the social welfare state has in store for us here in the USA, read Mark Steyn’s article in the Washington Post. A cut to the chase, in your face primer on the hard realities of the hand-out happy entitlement mentality. Continue reading

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