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Marion Barry: Filipino Nurses Got to Go

You just can’t keep a gold ole racist Black man down, especially when he’s propped up by a condescending culture of white progressive panderers. Apparently, Mister Marion Barry of Washington DC, murder capitol of the Western world, isn’t very quick on the political uptake when it comes to learning from previous big-mouthed blunders. Or perhaps this backward bonehead just instinctively knows that in this divisive back-to-the-future Obama wasteland of ours, bigoted Black men are a important swatch of the Left-wing political patchwork. Continue reading

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Marion Barry: Dirty Asian-Owned Businesses Got to Go

Here’s the photo of yet another foul face of pathetic Black leadership. The seedy countenance of Marion Barry, former Democrat mayor of Washington DC and now Democrat candidate for councilman. Yes, the crack-smoking whore monger is back and this time he has a few racist things to say about Asian Americans. Continue reading

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