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Kim Davis and The Great Conservative Sellout

Other than a couple of Republican politicians, the only voices being raised in the defense of Kim Davis, the Kentucky County Clerk imprisoned, yes, let me say that again, imprisoned for refusing to issue a marriage license to two gay men, have been the queer voices of lesbians and gays. Yep, it seems only us homos care enough about the injustice being done in Kentucky to open our political mouths and express a little outrage. Now ain’t that a sweet Come to Jesus conservative irony. Continue reading

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Madonna: The Menopausal Material Girl

A nipple flash here, a bare butt there, and a sweaty hand slid down her pants to mock a masturbation motif. Ah yes, the old bump-and-grind routine that used to be exclusively reserved for seedy looking middle-aged men and over-eager adolescent boys and booked into a dirty darkened theater in a dangerous part of town, has long long ago made its cultural transition from X-rated porn to prime time entertainment. Continue reading

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Hymen Hedging: Muslim Women and Virginity

Muslim women living a Western lifestyle in Great Britain have been enjoying the free and easy hustle and bustle of the work-a-day UK. But this new found feminist freedom isn’t getting approving applause from their male Muslim counterparts, at least not when it comes to that age old monopoly, the marriage market. Continue reading

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