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Our Ambassador is Murdered But Still the Left Clings to their Arab Spring Fantasy

The Muslim mantra of the American Left continues to croon its mesmerizing tune. These silly multiculturalists really do believe that if they could only strangle anti-Islamic speech than the whole freaking world of Third World victims would finally come to love us after all. Ignorance, according to the playbook of the progressive Politburo, can only be found within the borders of the USA and even then it is confined to the narrow evil corridors inhabited by Right-wing extremists. Continue reading

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Gaddafi: Mass Murderer Meets the Mob

The Libyan sewer rat has finally been caught, cornered, and exterminated. Gaddafi fittingly faced his finale today at the hands at the bedraggled mob of anti-Muammar street fighters. Along with his sons, bodyguards, and supporters, this one time Brother Leader and Guide of the Revolution (yep, that was his official title) of the Socialist People’s Arab Jamahiriya went the way of all filthy vermin. And isn’t it interesting that the most repressive, debauched, and economically background countries seems to have the word Socialist and People in the mocked-up names of their new nations? Continue reading

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Obama’s Ratings Go Down, Down, Down

Apparently, the American public is much less interested in hearing all those phony pronouncements about US foreign policy and the Libya Liberation Front than Mr. O’s handlers had realized. The Progressive-in-Chief managed to garner a total of 25.6 million viewers the other night as he nattered on about our wandering mission in the lost land of Libya. Continue reading

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Harvard Professors Cosy Up to Colonel Gaddafi

Ivy League academic life is so so stressful. Indoctrinating the best and the brightest, researching concocted conundrums, deconstructing Western Civilization, and all that struggling to fabricate nefarious ways to buck up the old paycheck. Continue reading

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Gaddafi and Chavez, Perfect Together

The Libyan strongman, Muammar Gaddafi, may be headed for Venezuela. At least that’s what one correspondent for the Times of London is telling the UK public. Continue reading

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