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Green Jobs: It’s A-Happening, Man!

Get out your resumes, boys and girls, and get ready to turn on and tune in to the psychedelic Green Jobs Fantasy Fare. It’s A-Happening, man! Unemployed? Not to worry, Green Jobs will magically modify that sinking gut, no-pay-day dilemma. Got to earn your keep but can’t stand the capitalist creeps? Well, be of good cheer, my socialist buddies, for the government Green gimmick will pay big bucks all siphoned from the toil of tax-paying foils. Continue reading

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What Does The Tea Party Want? Karma!

So just what is the Tea Party movement all about anyway? Limited government? Individual liberty? Fiscal responsibility? Conservative social values? Well, according to Jonathan Haidt, Professor of Psychology at the University of Virginia, in an article that appeared today in the Wall Street Journal, what drives many adherents of the Tea Party phenomenon is the love for the Law of Karma. Continue reading

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Left Blasts Obama’s Afghanistan Speech

It seems the Lefty love affair with our nation’s Lefty black president has soured on both sides of the Atlantic. Here are just two examples of the dire hand-wringing that is becoming more and more common in that camp. Continue reading

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