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The Million Muppet March: A Couple of Hundred Idiots Showed Up

Be at rest, America, for the Million Muppet March is on the move in the make-believe world of Washington DC. Well, maybe not a million, sort of like a few hundred of the old tried-and-true flakey faithful types all still dreaming of that nifty nirvana daze of taxpayer provided milk and honey. The liberal mentality of more, more, and yes even more, in a never-ending faux feast of yuppy self-righteousness, is making itself manifest during the presidential election of 2012. For as we should all know, the public funding of progressive programming is the top-tier topic on every voter’s mind this coming Tuesday. Continue reading

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Limbaugh on Liberalism

In describing the total shock and horror of the liberal Left at the type of constitutionally based questions being lobbed at the administration’s Solicitor General during the Obamacare hearing at the Supreme Court last week, Rush Limbaugh offered up this pithy observation of the Left’s out-of-touch intellectual sophistry in tune with the media’s Trayvon Martin meme. Continue reading

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