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Ptown Patriot: A Lesbian Conservatve Blog in the Heart of Gaytopia

Any gay woman leaning to the Right and living in the heart of Provincetown, Massachusetts has to certainly be made of sterner stuff. For Ptown, the queer playground of the Eastern seaboard and the Mecca of LGBT progressive group think, is anything but hospitable to gay men or women who dare to devise political dreams not officially approved by the Democrat Party. Continue reading

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Sexual Orientation: Choice or No Choice?

To choose or not to choose, that is the queer question. For when it comes to the politics of sexual orientation within the LGBT communities, the concept of choice has long been the foreign invader for the gay group-think agenda. The terrible taboo of ever classifying anyone’s sexual identity as, god forbid!, an individual choice, appears to be exhibiting some cracks and crevices in that gay Ivory Tower of tow-the-party-line political correctness. And interestingly enough, the loudest voices of pro-choice dissension aren’t just coming from outside the gilded gay ghetto. Continue reading

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Gay Goon Squad Goes After Salvation Army

Ah, the holiday season is upon us. A time of gift-giving, a time of sharing, a time of good will toward our fellow men and women. Yes by gosh, by golly, it’s time to break out the mistletoe and holly. And according to the gay goon squad, it’s also time to intimidate, bully, and bring down yet another evil empire of community service. The LGBT self-appointed Talking Heads have dredged up yet another soft target for termination. And this time out, they’ve marked a bull’s-eye on the back of the Salvation Army. Yes, the Salvation Army, a charitable organization that houses the homeless, cares for the elderly, counsels our veterans, provides recreational fun for our kids, and extends a helping hand to those living with HIV/AIDS. Continue reading

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Anti-Israel Group Booted from NYC Gay Community Center

The LGBT Community Center of NYC, under pressure from some of their financial supporters, has agreed to close its doors to the Israeli Apartheid Weekend (IAW) organization. The community center had been offering its facilities to this group for meetings and get togethers. The group had planned a Smash Israeli Apartheid party at the LGBT Center for March 4th. Continue reading

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LGBT Community: Who Speaks For Us?

Are the feelings and opinions of lesbians and gays only valid when voiced by social service activists and political organizers? Who really speaks for the LGBT Community? Continue reading

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Gay Leader Sentenced To Life For Pedophilia Crimes

Chief Executive for LGBT Youth in Scotland sentenced to life in prison for pedophilia crimes. Continue reading

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