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Lois Lerner, IRS Enforcer, Smacked with a Personal Lawsuit

Now this is the way to fight back—using the legal system to go after those who have misused their position and abused their power. You don’t just sue the IRS, you go after the individual movers and shakers as well as all their willing Democrat dupes and you make them pay one hell of a life-jerking price for daring to keep you out of the game.

The Left has cultivated the non-for-profit arena as a fighting force in its cultural War on America for well over 40 years now. They clearly have understood the clout that comes from tax-free donations and government grants. When our Republic-loving Rip van Winkles finally awoke from their decades long senile snore with the eye-opening passage of ObamaCare, they too caught on to the political sense/cents to be had in the power of organized grassroots groups. Continue reading

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Howard Stern Loses Lawsuit: Judge Didn’t Take It Sirius

Poor pitiful Howard Stern. What’s a multimillionaire shock jock to do when his grab for more financial goodies goes awry? The other day, Stern’s lawsuit against Sirius/XM was summarily thrown out of court by a New York State Supreme Court judge. Continue reading

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Wisconsin Teachers’ Union Gives Up on Viagra

The Milwaukee teachers’ union finally admitted defeat and agreed to drop it’s lawsuit against the school board for its failure to fund the erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra. After lots of pressure from parent groups and tons of bad press from local and national media, the teachers’ union gave up on its campaign to get it up at the taxpayers expense. Continue reading

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Bisexual Men Sue Gay Group: The Inclusion Dilemma

Three bisexual men are suing the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance claiming they were discriminated against during a gay softball world series in Seattle two years ago. Continue reading

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EEOC Smack Down: Real Justice For A Change

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was ordered by a Federal judge to pay out $4.5M in attorney fees and expenses to the trucking firm CRST Van Expedited of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Continue reading

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School Spy System Disconnected, Finally

On Thursday, February 18th, the Lower Merion School District disconnected its secret Webcam spy operation from the 1,800 laptops it had distributed to its high school students, thus allowing the kids and their families to enjoy their constitutional and God-given right to privacy in their own homes. Continue reading

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School Spying In The Home

Smile! You’re on Candid Camera! That’s what the school district of Lower Merion has to say to its high school students and their families. The School District has been monitoring the home activities of its students and their families by using embedded Webcams in school issued laptops. Continue reading

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