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A Yuletide List of Blessings and Blunders

As we approach the close of yet another year, let us ponder the communal chaos that has shaped our daily lives these past twelve power-packed months. And as we poke through the mound of political and cultural debris, let us not get discouraged nor out of sorts. For on closer observation, so much that is passing for liberal solid gold is nothing more than a bunch of worthless Democrat dross dubbed with a dint of lemon yellow tint. Continue reading

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Andy Williams—Crossing Moon River

Inside Edition, the TV trash program that proffers a nightly dose of Hollywood garbage, did a brief but seemly tribute to Andy Williams this evening, featuring clips from his TV variety show and his Christmas specials. They immediately followed up on the Williams’ commemoration with a piece, and I do mean piece, on that fleshy bundle of slut-stuff know as Lady Gaga. My gosh, the juxtaposition of the truly talented and professional Andy Williams with such a skeevy skank like Gaga just shows how much our culture has been slip-sliding away. Continue reading

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Madonna: The Menopausal Material Girl

A nipple flash here, a bare butt there, and a sweaty hand slid down her pants to mock a masturbation motif. Ah yes, the old bump-and-grind routine that used to be exclusively reserved for seedy looking middle-aged men and over-eager adolescent boys and booked into a dirty darkened theater in a dangerous part of town, has long long ago made its cultural transition from X-rated porn to prime time entertainment. Continue reading

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