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WikiLeaks to Punish Leakers

WikiLeaks seems to have sprung a leak. The self-styled altruistic whistle-blowing outfit that prides itself on releasing damning information to the public to expose what it considers the bureaucratic abuses of governmental and corporate behemoths, is wetting its priggish panties over the possibility that its own staff might do to WikiLeaks what WikiLeaks enjoys doing to THE MAN. Continue reading

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WikiLeaker Cry Fest Continues

Additional charges have been brought against Bradley Manning, the Army Intelligence Analyst accused of giving thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks, that so-called non-profit media organization whose creepy Editor-in-Chief, Julian Assange, is facing a few slime ball accusations of his own. Continue reading

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PFC Manning: Poster Boy for Gays in the Military

Meet the new poster boy for Gays in the Military: Accused Traitor, PFC Bradley Manning. Continue reading

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