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Gang of Eight: Ted Cruz Cuts to the Chase

We have George Bush to thank for the immigration mess we are in today—eight years of pandering to cheap labor business louts. Bush’s bob-and-weave on the border issue has put Americans at the mercy of Left-wing Democrats and GOP candy-asses like Lindsay Graham and John McCain. Continue reading

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Obama Punching Bag—Take Your Best Shot!

The Obama punching bag was displayed outside the Republican Party tent at the Indiana State Fair in Muncie. The bag was removed after a couple of fair-goers complained about it, including one who was identified as a Republican. Somehow I have a sneaky feeling that one Republican killjoy was none other than John McCain. Continue reading

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Battle of the Campaign Ads: Romney Scores Another Hit

Ain’t it grand to see aggressive, smart, and effective battle tactics coming from the Republican Party? My gosh, after having to live through the bumbling brainless vaudeville routine of the McCain campaign back in 2008, it is so energizing to witness the kind of kick-butt operation that Mitt Romney is putting together. Keep it coming, boys and girls. Continue reading

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The Mugging of Juan Williams: A Progressive Morality Play

The public mugging of Juan Williams and the subsequent despicable comments made about him by his former employer, Vivian Schiller, the CEO of NPR, offers a teachable moment for all of those middle-of-the road moderates and their liberal-leaning sidekicks. Continue reading

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