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Barack Obama: The Emily Litella of our Time

After all the blustering bullshit about those nasty weapons of mass destruction used by the cruel Syrian dictator against his own people, after all the political pumping and preening by Obama, Kerry, and the RHINO retards, all insisting that America must mightily whack the crap out of Mr. Al-Asad by using the smallest, most ineffectual military strike these clowns could muster, we now have the obvious outcome of a befuddled foreign policy sadly slapped together like a Saturday Night Live comedy skit. Continue reading

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Secret Agenda of Democrat National Convention Revealed!

2012 Democrat National Convention Schedule of Events: 7:00 pm–Opening Flag Burning; 7:15 pm–Pledge of Allegiance to the United Nations; 7:20 pm–Max Baucus Proposes a Toast to Barack Obama; 7:25 pm–Opening Prayer given by Reverend Jeremiah Wright; 7:45 pm–Ceremonial Tree Hugging led by Darryl Hannah; 7:55 pm–Max Baucus Proposes a Toast to Darryl Hannah; 8:00 pm–Global Warming OMFG!!!!!!!!! – Al Gore
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