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NHS Revolution: Letting Doctors Treat Patients

Heralded as the biggest revolution in the British National Health Service since its inception some 60 years ago, ‘tens of thousands’ of bureaucratic administrative jobs at the NHS will be slashed as an aggressive maneuver to fix the struggling UK health service. Continue reading

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Green Jobs: Blowing In The Wind

Remember when sun power was all the rage, when the vaulted vision of alternative energy addicts was seen through the spectrum of solar slabs lambasting our US country side? Well, I’m sure the rainbow rays of El Sol still retain their bright spot on the green gauge of politically correct illumination. But now it seems the wafting waves of the wind have begun to outshine all that starry status. Continue reading

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Job Cuts Just Won’t Quit

More severe job cuts are coming and the hard times are being felt across all industries for the most part. How bad will it get? Continue reading

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