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Occupy Wall Street Eager to Claim Colorado Shooter As One of Their Own

The following post was blazoned across the Occupy Wall Street website the other day proudly proclaiming that the Colorado shooter must have been one of OWS’ Black Bloc goons gallantly striking back against THE MAN by murdering moviegoers who dared to watch a Hollywood blockbuster with an anti-OWS political plot. Continue reading

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TSA at its Best: Strip Searching the Elderly

Just following protocol, Ma’am—no matter how asinine, no matter how time-wasting, no matter how degrading. So if a defibrillator keeps us servile TSA sad sacks from irradiating your bones with our image scanner, then baby, it’s buck naked time for Grandmom. Continue reading

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The White Obsession of Janet Napolitano

Janet Napolitano is at it again. This incompetent cow is bound and determined to paint the frightening threats to our country’s internal security in spurious shades of white on white. Despite the outrageously obvious profiles of those who are most likely to commit acts of terror in the land of the free, the Department of Homeland Security, like every other governmental and media outlet today, is hell bent on pretending that it can’t possibly be folks of a very different hue who are out to hurt us. Continue reading

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Viagra and the TSA: Getting it Up for the Pat Down

Ah, how satisfying is that funky feel of sweet revenge. And how empowering to stand erect when coming face-to-face with bureaucratic bullies. What better way to confront the grasping hands of government TSA agents than by giving these molesting men and women their biggest grope of a life time. Continue reading

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