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An Occupy Wall Street Retrospective

As New York City cleans up Zuccotti Park yet again after a New Year’s clash with the spoiled whitewashed socialist trash know collectively as the Occupy Movement, let’s take a 2-minute cruise through some of the great heroic moments of this anti-intellectual frat party. Boy, these Bloomberg Babies are so articulate, ain’t they? Continue reading

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A Salute to Anthony Weiner: Getting it Up for Progressivism

Ah, the sad silly saga of Anthony Weiner and his extracurricular obsession with his ne’er-do-well nether regions. As this pathetic liberal putz seeks ‘treatment’ for what must surely be a psychological syndrome of sorts, for as we all know, Democrats are genetically incapable of taking personal responsibility for immoral and/or criminal acts, let us finally pay our overdue tribute to one of America’s infamous Left-wing elites. Continue reading

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