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Lois Lerner, IRS Enforcer, Smacked with a Personal Lawsuit

Now this is the way to fight back—using the legal system to go after those who have misused their position and abused their power. You don’t just sue the IRS, you go after the individual movers and shakers as well as all their willing Democrat dupes and you make them pay one hell of a life-jerking price for daring to keep you out of the game.

The Left has cultivated the non-for-profit arena as a fighting force in its cultural War on America for well over 40 years now. They clearly have understood the clout that comes from tax-free donations and government grants. When our Republic-loving Rip van Winkles finally awoke from their decades long senile snore with the eye-opening passage of ObamaCare, they too caught on to the political sense/cents to be had in the power of organized grassroots groups. Continue reading

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