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9/11 Meets The Iran Deal

The Obama Administration and the Republican Establishment have a convenient case of amnesia when it comes to our country’s 21st century affairs. For some literally God-forsaken reason, these demented dolts have decided to bankroll Planet Earth’s terrorism tycoons in a supposed monetary gesture of good-will and brokered peace in our time. Well, certainly that pesky global threat of state-sponsored death and mayhem isn’t sitting on the front-burner of DC’s collective consciousness these days. The likes of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, who meander around the halls of Congress like bleary-eyed sheep searching for their next bit of grassy grazing, are too politically wasted and too financially fed to feel any potential danger from the maniacal mullahs of Iran. They either don’t see a definitive threat or quite frankly they refuse to. So then, what really is the big deal with the Iran Deal? Continue reading

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Argo: A Fake Film Saves Lives

Argo: Conservative? Liberal? or Just a Good Movie? Now which reviewer would you say expressed a more open-minded critique of the movie? Which reviewer do you think exhibited a more freer cultural perspective, one that was far less influenced by the foggy filter of ideology? And which reviewer showed a healthy enthusiasm for a great evening of exciting entertainment? Or to put the point much more succinctly, which guy would you rather hang out with for a fun night at the movies? Continue reading

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Iranian Diplomat Gets Harassed by Dissidents in NYC

Now that the Ahmadinejad love fest at the United Nations has culminated in a week’s worth of embarrassing suck up from America’s Left-wingnuts, it’s kind of nice to watch the big welcome some Iranian dissidents went out of their way to provide for a member of Ahmadinejad’s entourage. A little kick in the pants, a little spit in the face seems to be a more reality-based reaction to a reactionary regime, don’t you think? Keep your eye on the lady in white. Continue reading

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Iranian Women, Then and Now

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the keynote speaker at the Women and Islamic Awakening Conference held in Tehran. This two-day tour de force for the femme fatales of Muslim activism featured workshops that strictly reinforced the crucial role these dames play in maintaining the hegemony of jumped-up jerks like the one featured in the photo below. Continue reading

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Dinner with Ahmadinejad: Columbia a No-Show

Ahmadinejad may be dining out in New York City when he appears once again at the United Nations to castigate the West on their oh so sinful ways, but this Middle East Muslim mobster won’t be sitting down to any supper that is officially sanctioned by Columbia University. Continue reading

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GOProud, Anti-Gay Islam, and Tom Campbell

GOProud, the only gay/lesbian organization that seems to understand the threat to gays and lesbians posed by radical Islam, is coming out swinging in the California Republican senatorial race. Continue reading

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Where Oh Where Has Hillary Gone?

Has anyone seen our illustrious Secretary of State lately? Or heard a peep from her? At least we know our Affirmative Action Uber-Mensch is sunny himself on the shores of Hawaii. Continue reading

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